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April 1997

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by Morag Campbell

One of the first questions that is asked of any system of healing or therapy is how effective is it in the reduction or elimination of pain. The word pain is mostly used generically. There are many forms of pain. For instance there is pain that occurs as a result of impact trauma on the physical body as in the case of a fall or automobile accident. This pain is usually sharp and intense and often accompanied by swelling and inflammation and bruising with maybe deep cuts or abrasions. A similar acute pain can be experienced after surgery as the body not only has to deal with the original trauma but the added insult of the surgeons knife. An all together different type of pain is experienced in more chronic cases resulting from a long standing condition. This pain is usually more dull, like a deep ache and may have been endured for many years. There is also emotional pain which can be very intense and can erupt at such times as bereavement and separation.

To a Polarity Therapist all manifestations of pain are seen as a result of energy not moving or being interrupted in its natural flow but how to deal with it depends on the type of pain and the individual circumstances as to the cause of that pain.

The acute trauma described above resulting in sharp intense pain, inflammation and swelling is as a result of an excess of blood flow and energy to the area so the first thing to be done is to calm and draw off the excess energy that has accumulated at the trauma site. This can be achieved in several ways for example by placing the left hand, which is yin, cooling and drawing and related to tamas the centripetal energy in the body, over the site. The right hand can be held opposite the wound. If it is not possible to physically touch the body due to excessive pain in say burns cases then work off the body. Take a moment to contact the energy in the aura and then slowly and repeatedly lift the left hand up and away to draw the energy away from the site. Once a reaction has occurred and the blocked energy is starting to move then it is important to encourage the flow of energy through the area in the direction of the surface current flow to continue the soothing effect. For instance damage to the right knee joint would require that we remove the local congestion at the knee and the place the right hand above the knee and the left hand below the joint to go with the longline currents that flow down the right hand side of the body at the front. Once a flow is established it is important to extend the contacts so as to move the energy through the entire limb. Drawing the left hand repeatedly down the whole leg will also achieve this aim. If treated shortly after damage has occurred I have seen tissue swelling decrease and bruising disappear before my eyes with this simple application and of course a corresponding alleviation of pain.

Chronic, long term pain is rarely so obliging and needs different handling. Here we are dealing with a low energy state which often results in spastic tissue which is hard, unresponsive and cold to the touch. In these cases we still need to release the local energy lock but in this case deeper tamasic work, couple with rajasic stimulation is required to break up the long standing lock and encourage fresh prana into the area. When this is achieved, it is advantageous to work against the surface currents in order to stimulate the energy through the body. In the example of the right knee therefore, the right hand would be held below the knee and the left hand above.

The activation of the energy and subsequent increased blood flow to the area helps to clear the accumulated stagnation and once again the tissues become hydrated and responsive to the touch. They soften and become more elastic. This can bring a quick reduction in the pain level but sometimes this increased activity can result in a reactivation of the original problem - in short a healing crisis where the original incident is re-experienced and for a while the pain may increase. If this happens it is important to reassure the client and encourage them. Suggesting hot and cold water application to the area and or warm epsom salts baths with skin brushing to further encourage blood circulation and the release of old toxins from the tissues is also advisable. There should be a definite positive change in the nature of the pain within 24-36 hours. Chronic conditions will need further work to totally resolve the problem as you work back through the layers of holding and adaptation that have occurred over time. Many times this is where the polarity reflex work comes into its own. Making the "right" connection can be the key that unlocks the energy in a particular body part.

Of course working with both chronic and acutely painful conditions can elicit a variety of emotional responses. However sometimes the pain that a client is experiencing can be as a direct result of an emotional shock such as in cases of sudden death or separation from a loved one. As in the previous examples the energy if that event is held or frozen in the energy fields. To release the pain we must still work to relax the energetic holding and in this case especially encourage its expression. Here release work on the diaphragm and jaw to encourage the energy to move up through the chest and throat is beneficial. As DR.Stone regarded the perineal area as the negative pole of the mind, working this area to the neck can release emotional holding and help to subsequently calm and relax the mind and body. Working with the voice and sound also helps to free this energy. It has been my experience that polarity is particularly effective in working with emotional energy and effecting rapid change here.

So can Polarity Therapy be effective in the reduction and elimination of pain - ABSOLUTELY !!

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