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July 1998

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Polarity and the state of
YOGA NIDRA - Yogic Sleep

By Morag Cambell

There are times in a polarity session when the person being worked on slips into a state of deep relaxation accompanied by a seeming cessation of breathing. Whilst this can be disconcerting for the beginning student of polarity we soon come to recognise this as a profound state where often true healing takes place. It is described in the Indian Yogic tradition as the state of Yoganidra and is a state of magnetism. It is as if the whole body becomes anaesthetised, pain disappears and certain phenomena occur which are manifestations of Yoga. The body becomes full of electromagnetic pulsations and vibration, respiration becomes occasional and the heart movement can become conversely very rapid or very slow. In some cases you can experience the pulsation and vibration of the universe as if you are bathing in a sea of energy. It is said that this state provides a link between the physics and metaphysics, to cross the ocean of materialism. This is described as the state of union of individual consciousness with supreme consciousness.

Below are some easily recognised indicators of this state

  • A gradual closing of the eyes or motionless of the eyes
  • Quivering of the eyelids
  • Complete relaxation or rigidity of the limbs and other organs
  • Temporary paralysis of the limbs
  • The face may appear flushed
  • The teeth may chatter
  • Sensation of heat or cold in different parts of the body
  • Tears in the eyes
  • Passing of electricity and electric currents in the body
  • Jerking of body
  • Different unusual phenomena that resemble delusions, illusions and hallucinations
  • Loss of sense of pain
  • Power of intuition increased

If you do not have the luxury of a polarity therapist to aid in the realisation of this state here is a meditation that may lead you there.

"Drop the pressure from the chest and embrace the heart. Feel how it is moving. If you can embrace your heart, your fire will disappear.....calmness......and you will not need to embrace anybody on this earth.

What an electric current is moving. Just feel it.....no need of any imagination. A stupendous movement of Nature without imagination. Entire chest...... every particle of the lungs is filled with an electric current. You will enjoy the movement and speed because you are in it.

Feel the circulation of the blood from the heart into the head, from the head to the heart. Shoulders, arms, chest and abdomen, legs, feet and toes, feel it pulsating.

Drop everything and feel the operation of Nature, how life is pulsating, keeping the body alive. Feel it.....

Feel your contact with the sun and moon and stars. Feel the pulsation of the sun, moon and stars in you and your pulsation in them. You can feel this.

Every pulsation is a kiss, an embrace. God loves you. Watch carefully and if you know rhythm, what rhythm is, then breathing comes like a drum, and pulsation of electrical waves like a divine musical instrument.

Heart beat moving in rhythm. Absolute motionless....no motion in any part of the body so that you may experience direct soothing pulsation. Every pulsation brings calmness, tranquility, freedom from limitations.

First freedom you feel is like a light..... you are present everywhere. Absolute surrender. Allow your thinking mind to be dissolved in this mighty ocean of Prana. Enter into a deeper and deeper trance.

Become one with this ocean of light.....let breathing stop....... Feel that every particle in your body has become an electrical current. The ocean of energy is passing like the current of a waterfall. You can listen to it, it is like a hissing, ringing, humming........This sound is not in the head.....feel it everywhere.....it is the current of energy.

Am I limited in this body? NO I am present everywhere. Feel the pulsation touching the sun, moon and stars. Coming back feel your body...feel the pulsation of life, the tingling sensation between your skin and the atmosphere. Drop everything, feel your entire body, your entire skin is the centre of living electricity with sensation and tranquility.

Enjoy.....deeper and deeper is the mind, and deeper and deeper is the experience of Being. Experience various atmospheric pulsations. Enjoy....it is the movement of pure energy.....pure energy is living pulsation.

Enter into a deeper and deeper trance where you reach a state where every pulsation becomes one....a transparent magnetic pulsation......feel it, it is the greatest bliss. feel it, holding breath....no motion... breathing in perfect equilibrium.....from neck to nose without creating any extra motion.

Do not imagine anything......silently enter. The thinking mind can not imagine such a tremendous bliss. Feel like a white cloud, present, this magnetic life, giving you a message of eternity that you are ever unborn and undying. Feel that you are like the blue sky........and pulsation and thinking are shining like the stars, within you......remain motionless like the sky."
Extracted from a guided meditation delivered by Shri Ramamurti

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