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January 1998

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Journey Through The Chakras Workbook
using meditation and ritual
by Caroline Showa Arewa

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Masterworks is pleased to be able to offer copies of this excellent workbook for working with and experiencing the chakra system. All of the chakras are explored from root (or muladhara) chakra to the crown chakra (Sahasrara). A detailed table of relationships and correspondences is given for each chakra as well as its related symbol, this is followed by suggestions for a specific meditation to help you get in touch with the energy of each particular chakra. The visualisations comprise an experiential journey through the chakras each visualisation building upon the last in an ascension process, an opening to Spirit. These visualisations could be used with clients to help them deal with any issues relating to chakric imbalance or development. Apart from the visualisation there is instruction in a ritual process for each chakra, which will be of particular appeal to those therapists who work in a more shamanic mode.

Caroline Arewa is a gifted spiritual guide and master of Yoga. Caroline trained in Expressive Arts, Polarity Therapy and Sacred Ritual. She is currently chairperson of the United Kingdom Polarity Therapy Association and maintains a busy private practise in London, England. Her spiritual journey has brought personal insight and in-depth knowledge of the healing and the ancient chakra system. Her work aims to "embody the life of the Spirit and free the life of the body"

Cost 7.95 ($14 USA shipped airmail) ordering details

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