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May 1996

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by Morag Campbell & Phil Young

Polarity Therapy was developed by Dr Randolph Stone who was a Chiropractor, Osteopath, and Naturopath. He sought to research and understand the fundamental healing process in man, recognising that man is not composed of flesh alone but also of mind, emotion and spirit. His travels and studies throughout the world finally lead him to the ancient healing systems of China and India and the belief in the existence of a life force or energy that vitalised and organised all life.

He recognised that a parallel could be drawn between the human body and an electromagnet, in that a magnet has a positive and negative pole with a magnetic field extending around it. These fields being produced by moving electrical currents. The body too can be viewed as an electro or perhaps more appropriately a bio-magnet, with its own bio electrical currents producing a field around it. Hence the name Polarity Therapy. In order for an ordinary ferric magnet to function effectively the constituent atoms must be lined up in the same direction so that each tiny individual magnetic field can combine to produce one large field. The atoms of the human body too must be lined up or polarised with each other otherwise the bio-magnetic field of the whole body will become disorganised and impede healthy functioning. If you drop a magnet on to a hard floor the magnetic field is destroyed because the atoms are shaken into a random pattern. The individual atoms becoming depolarised in relation to each other. The body reacts in a similar way to trauma, injury, stress, or exposure to the powerful electromagnetic fields of many modern office and household appliances. The energy model that is actually used in Polarity Therapy borrows heavily from Ayurvedic medicine, the traditional system of ancient India. Much of the terminology used is Sanskrit in origin, for instance a lot of attention is paid to the"chakras" which in India are considered to be major centres of bio-magnetic activity in the body.

With the skilled use of their hands Polarity therapists are able to help in the re-polarisation of the body by the transfer of bio-magnetic energy from their hands to the client. Polarity Therapists recognise the therapeutic effect of human touch at all levels and seek to coax resistant flesh to release its contraction, not only freeing up tissue and muscles but allowing for better blood circulation and lymph flow as well as allowing more space to the underlying organs so that they can function more effectively. Fuller breathing is encouraged, more efficient elimination and detoxification, improved digestion,relief from pain and better posture; all of which leads to an increased sense of well being. In many American hospitals nurses are trained in a system of therapeutic touch which has much in common with Polarity Therapy. It has been found to decrease trauma, release emotional pain and accelerate healing thereby speeding the road to a full recovery. The human body has great self healing capabilities which can be greatly augmented by the correct use of touch.

Polarity therapists also work with simple dietary reform reflecting Dr Stones naturopathic background. As the roots of Polarity Therapy also lie in Osteopathy and Chiropractic, Polarity Therapists are trained in techniques for readjusting and balancing the autonomic nervous system and the spinal alignment. They also work with gentle stretching exercises to free up the body and induce fuller breathing and all are trained in communication skills to aid in the clarification of the clients mental attitudes and goals. Polarity Therapy can treat a full spectrum of conditions from those related to physical trauma to those problems associated with mental - emotional stress. It has been found to be of benefit in the treatment of back pain, digestive disturbances, menstrual problems, headaches, arthritis, sports injuries and such conditions as ME. Within the art of Polarity therapy there is incorporated a whole system of balancing the structure of the body to alleviate stress and strain put upon the spine and sacrum and internal organs by bad posture. Using a gravity board and a plumb line the therapist sees how the body stands in relation to gravity. Then with gentle manipulation they correct the alignment of the sacrum, the spinal vertebrae and the cranium and any rotation of the torso. Once the body is correctly aligned many cases of chronic back pain find great relief.

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