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March 2001

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 The First in a short series of articles by Phil Young and Morag Campbell


Physical: Injury/Trauma
The gait cycle (check for problems with and injuries to ankle/hip and lower back.
Consider arthritic conditions (acid/alkali balance in the diet, bodyweight, wear and tear).

Archetypal (simple) energetic:

Earth astrological triadv, earth chakra, disturbances in earth oval (liver/stomach energy problems in this area often show up as knee pains on the opposite side to unbalanced organ energy).

Umbilical disturbance (Evolutionary bow position relationship of knees to navel).

Dr Stone says that perineal locks often create temporary obstructions to the deep energy flow down the legs making the knees “give way” or collapse.

(look for neck energy blocks – consider overall mobility of the neck, rotation, side bending, anterior-posterior translation, lateral translation, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis and colitis).

Is it at a Chronic – Acute stage.


Earth is often related to FEAR. Knees are concerned with giving up, letting go, falling and surrender in a general sense. Look for fixity in earth energy emotional correlations. Knees are also essential for climbing and descending, consider what the emotional implications there might be to the idea of climbing or descending in life. Think of the upwardly mobile person in life or one who has lost everything through redundancy or a business collapsing. Knees are also to do with fear, we quake at the knees or buckle under fear or pressure. We stiffen our knees to give us a false sense of security. In order to support us emotionally and financially we often lock the knees back thus bracing ourselves against life and it’s perceived onslaughts. Soft relaxed knees act help the thighs like the shock absorbers they are designed to be and allow force to flow easily through the lower body. Soft knees allow us to absorb and ground any impact on us both physically and emotionally. 

Rigidity in the knees as the negative pole of the astrological triad of earth has its reflection the colon as spasticity and lack of absorption but also in the neck. The positive pole of the neck is where our control issues can be contacted. We hold our neck stiff, suck in our stomachs and lock back our knees thus deadening our responses and literally holding back, as the knees release the diaphragm can relax and the neck lets go. The head/neck complex either falls forward into collapse or gently up and back into openness and vulnerability. 

In terms of the mind look for a general rigidity (over structuring) of the psyche. Rigidly held beliefs and values.

Complex energetic

Consider the relationship between fire and earth elements as both are positively charged and have a profound influence on each other. Fire warms a cold earth, whilst earth provides a support for fire as you cannot build a fire in mid-air. It needs a base as well as something to combust, earth provides fuel for the fire.

Ether – Space – Grief. Without space in a joint there is no movement and general  congestion. In relation to grief have they experienced any recent losses in their life? Loss of either a loved one or a possession (such as a job or a home).

Air – moving through life

Fire – see above 

Water – Perineal and autonomic balancing 

Earth - The Pentamirus Combinations of Earth 

Physical tissues

Earth – Earth  -        Bones
Earth – Air      -        Skin
Earth – Water  -       Flesh
Earth – Fire     -       Blood vessels
Earth – Ether  -        hair

Look for any disturbance in the Earthy tissues governed by these elemental interactions to see which of the other four elements are perhaps disturbing or unbalancing the earth (element) 


Giving in surrender to the greater will of God. Is it time to let go of the personal ego? 


Five pointed star to release tension in the lower abdomen that is preventing energy releasing down the legs.

Perineal session (for the same reasons as the five pointed star work  and also to release emotional holding that the person may be “sitting on” as well as autonomic balance)

General digestive work including umbilical sessions

Balancing the energy in the earth chakra

Working the three poles of the astrological triad of earth – neck, colon, knees

Other elemental work.

Consider structural corrections i.e: Os Calcis correction – problems with the feet and ankles will throw the body out of kilter further up.

Purifying diet – especially if arthritic condition is suspected.  Change acid/alkali balance

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