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December 2000

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The Art of Polarity Therapy - A Practitioners Perspective

by Phil Young RPP



Now you can read all about polarity therapy as viewed through the eyes of an experienced practitioner and trainer. 

The Art of Polarity Therapy-a practitioner's perspective by Phil Young has just been republished and is available from Masterworks International.  This insightful book covers the treatment process from diagnosis through to self-help ideas for clients. It also offers clear and detailed instructions for working with the structural alignment of the body which will prove invaluable for students and practitioners of Polarity as well as Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Massage therapists. Well illustrated and clearly written, the book is an excellent companion to the book Polarity Therapy-the Power that Heals by Alan Siegel (also available from MasterWorks).  Both books have a wealth of techniques for all sorts of ailments and clear step-by-step instructions.   

This title is also available through Amazon or for bulk discounted purchases please order direct from MasterWorks International.  

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