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February 1997

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by Morag Campbell


Over the next few months I thought we could take a brief look at the Elements of air, fire, water and earth in relation to the physical body. As you read through maybe you could apply the criteria mentioned to yourself and learn something about your individual elemental make-up. The following paragraphs are taken from "Quinta Essentia" see our Store for purchase details.

Very often this element leads to an elongation of the body as if reaching up to the heavens and there is an ethereal, slightly frail look to them with a far away look in the eye. Frequently ether people are quite delicately built giving them an air of insubstantiality. The ether element rules all the spaces in the body and there are many more spaces than we realise - we are not as dense as we think ! For instance we have a cranial cavity designed not only to house the brain but with sinus spaces that allow for the passage of oxygen and act as resonating chambers so that we can distinguish and make sound. We also have the cavity of the mouth and the digestive tract, the space within the chest that houses the lungs and the spaces in the lungs themselves that allow for the diffusion of gases. Even at the microscopic level it does not matter how small the organism is it still needs space within which to exist. The whole of our body takes up space and needs space in which to move around in. Without space there can be no movement and without movement there can be no life. Therefore, the space comes before everything and needs to be present before any of the other elements can manifest. Problems with the ether element in relation to the body can result in breathing difficulties ie: not enough space in the lungs or the posture of the chest is too collapsed or restricted to allow for free and easy breathing. All problems with the body, in relation to this element are always identifiable as lack of space or constriction and so this can effect the body in many ways such as a constriction of the upper body or the abdominal cavity leading to problems with the organ functioning in these areas. As ether rules all the spaces in the body it has a strong connection also with the joints as these need to have sufficient space around them to allow for the free and easy movement of the body. When the joints become inflamed or immobilised through the build up of calcium deposits as in cases of arthritis then our movement ability is the first thing to suffer.

As ether is the medium through which the other elements are made manifest and expressed it stands to reason therefore that the ether element has a strong connection with the throat area. It is through the throat that we express our emotions, thoughts and feelings. An energetic blockage of this element will affect the throat leading to an inability to express ourselves, communicate with others and physical problems such as tonsillitis and laryngitis.

The ether element has been linked to the sense of hearing and a discord in this particular energy can result in hearing problems such as tinnitus or deafness. The ears are, of course, important organs of balance as well as instruments of hearing and ether is seen as a very neutral and balanced energy unlike the active, expansive energies of air and fire or the more passive water and earth.

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