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November 1996

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by Morag Campbell

Over the next few months I thought we could take a brief look at the Elements of air, fire, water and earth in relation to the physical body. As you read through maybe you could apply the criteria mentioned to yourself and learn something about your individual elemental make-up. The following paragraphs are taken from "Quinta Essentia" see our Store for purchase details.

The water type body is usually quite large and well rounded. For a women this means lots of voluptuous curves and a fluid sensuous way of moving. It is no coincidence that the fertility symbols of the world often depict a female form with large breasts and belly as the bearer and supporter of life. The eyes are usually large and soft and have a watery quality to them. The human body is largely composed of water and so it is this element then that rules our basic matrix, as it were. Every single cell in the body is surrounded by and supported in a liquid medium. However, if we have to be more specific then it can be said to relate directly to the lymph, the cerebro-spinal fluid, urine, sweat, blood and mucus. It is critical that the correct amount of fluid is maintained in the body. We cannot live long at all without sufficient water and soon become dehydrated. Conversely, too much water in our systems results in fluid retention which creates a different set of problems as the tissues become waterlogged as in oedema; even the lungs can fill up and we can quite literally drown in our own fluids.

A part of the body that is closely linked to the water element is our reproductive system. Here is where the creative aspect of water, as distinct from maintenance, comes in. Here is the seat of our greatest creativity in this earthly realm - the ability to form another human life. For woman the importance of a well functioning water element is obvious. She needs to be able to get in touch with the receptive quality of this element in order to receive the male sperm, to provide a nurturing and secure liquid environment for her offspring, to sustain a long period of growth and the flexibility to enable her body to expand and change to accommodate the growing size and needs of her child. When her child is born the water element has an important role to play in the production of milk and in the emotional bonding that occurs between mother and infant. As we can see, the water element has a very active role in the whole process of mothering which is not to say that it plays a minor part in the role of the father. His water element has to be well balanced to enable the production of healthy sperm and seminal fluid and to encourage the feelings of caring and compassion for his partner and child. The nurturing energy is just as important in the male as it is in the female.

The astrological water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces rule the breasts, genitals and feet respectively. An imbalance in this energy can create problems such as lumps or tenderness in the breasts, thrush, herpes and other problems of the genitals as well as menstrual problems in women and prostate problems in men. Sometimes the imbalance will show up in the feet first and quite considerable pain and discomfort is engendered as we walk. As this element has a strong link with the pelvis then not only the pelvis but the lower back can become affected also.

The skin also has an important link to this element as it reacts so readily to our emotions. Spots and rashes can be caused by the water element being out of balance quite often as a result of the fire element seeking expression through angry eruptions and boils. This element has a lot to do with our general sensitivity and an imbalance can cause us to become overly sensitive so that our whole body aches or hurts if it is touched or we may develop allergies which are a sensitivity and an inability to cope with our environment. We lose our watery ability to merge and flow with our surroundings.

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