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August 2000



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Polarity Therapy 
and The Spiritual Universe

 by Morag Campbell

I have been reading with great delight The Spiritual Universe by Fred Alan Wolf and would recommend the book to Polarity therapists and all those with a particular interest in the nature of the known universe and in particular the nature of the soul.

In Polarity, the philosophy expounds that the nature of all things is dualistic - hence the name Polarity. We believe that the soul which is a personalised aspect of an intelligent universe is at the core of us all and "occupies space which in our terminology is neutral. Neutral not in the sense of balance or nothingness but in the sense of potential. The neutral space has the capacity to evolve and manifest in a myriad of different ways.

 Wolf, a theoretical physicist, states that, and I quote: 

... recent advances in our study of "empty space" have led to startling new discoveries indicating that a vacuum is not nothing. According to quantum theory, a vacuum consisting of the space between subatomic particles of matter or between large gravitating bodies such as the earth and sun, is not empty, but ( and here's the really exciting part for us) consists of vast amounts of positive and negative energy.

 Here we have science confirming the basis of Polarity, the concept of yin and yang energy and the idea of becoming. From nothing comes something. Does this mean that when we place our hands on another individual, and resonate with this space within them, that we are actually instrumental in allowing, or in fact encouraging, something new to become manifest simply by polarising their energy fields. It is certainly my belief that this is so and experience has shown me that real change, both physical and mental is not only possible but indeed highly likely when we carry out a Polarity session.

 It has been said that Dr Stone, when he worked on a individual, had the ability to reach right inside them and connect with their very soul. This is something we should all be striving for both in our practice as Polarity Therapists and in our practice as human beings. The ability to connect at a deep level with another human being always brings about a state of change and transformation. Each one of us has the potential to become that much more than we already are and sometimes it takes someone reaching out to touch us at our core before we realise that anything is possible.

 From the seed power of the universe all kinds of possibilities and developments can and do occur. What we have to keep reminding ourselves is that we are pure energy. Again according to classical physics, things, and that includes you and me, have energy. They are able to absorb and emit this energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation. With the intelligent use of our hands and consciousness we as Polarity Therapists can affect this radiation. Encouraging and stabilising the field, so that the individual is able to draw in that which they need, and throw off that which they do not. As new and challenging experiences are made manifest for us, we can dip into that rich and exciting vacuum of potential and manifest what we wish. A word of caution however, maybe we should pay attention to that old counsel of "wish for what you want, but be sure that you want it!"  Fairy tales throughout the world remind us of the horrors of being granted three wishes and it all going horribly wrong, such as the story of Midas who wished everything he touched be turned to gold. I guess you know the end of that particular story or can guess at it!    

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