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June/July 1997

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Human Evolution
The Five and Six pointed Stars

by Phil Young

When most polarity therapists think of the 5 and 6 pointed stars (interlaced triangles), they think of energetic interference patterns and their relationship to the structure and function of the human body. What is perhaps less well known is that the 5 and 6 pointed stars are a symbolism relating to man's spiritual development. I cannot say if Dr. Stone was aware of this teaching although he may well have been.
This development is symbolised by a set of geometric shapes beginning with a point, a line, then two lines, a triangle, square and the five and then six pointed stars.

The human being begins as point of energy in the cosmos. When born, man is represented by the polarity of a line which represents the being of conscious experience. In his natural state man is a duality. He consists entirely of pairs of opposites. All his thoughts, feelings, sensations and emotions can be divided into positive and negative, yes and no, right and wrong, black and white, and symbolised by two lines. At this level of development, thought opposes feeling and emotion. The desire to move is opposed by the need for stillness. At this level the dualities exchange places frequently and seemingly randomly. It is extremely difficult to use ones will to assert control as the whole organism functions in a random and mechanical fashion.

All living systems have a tendency over time to reach a particular balance or state of equilibrium. After a time the energy of dualism becomes exhausted and the tension decreases leading to a certain kind of balance but one lacking in vitalism. This is a mechanical balance but one that lacks the sense of conscious control. The shifts from positive to negative still occur but much more slowly and still outside of a persons ability to influence consciously. As soon as the spiritual aspirant realises the degree to which they live their life mechanically a seed of self awareness or self consciousness is born and the struggle for a truly conscious life begins. This is represented by the triangle.

The state of duality is transformed into a trinity through the addition, in polarity terms, of a neutral organising centre at a higher frequency of energy and consciousness. The trinity has a great deal more energy within it. There are now three positions available. Initially, the function of the new third position beyond yes and no, reconciles the opposites into a new kind of unity. A unity that has a much higher level of stability. It takes the seeker a long time to reconcile all the various dualities within their being. The process is dramatic in terms in the amount of energy liberated. But all good things come to an end and again the system begins to find an equilibrium in which all three points (poles) of the triangle have equal potency and the whole organism again becomes too stable and the level of excitement within it drops. At this stage another energetic shift of consciousness is required in which another new organising centre must be found or created at a higher frequency to once more take the organism back into a state of higher energy in which the fixity of the triad is both transcended and reconciled. What emerges now is the quaternity commonly represented by the square although more accurately in three dimensional space by the tetrahedron.

This shift from human development expressed in terms of two dimensional plane structures (point, line, surface) to three dimensional structures is of extraordinary significance, because it is only when man has reached the level of development symbolised by three dimensional structures that he or she can be said the have become hu-man. It is at this level that the first glimmer of true human will is made manifest and that contact with higher levels of existence is possible. Once more enormous amounts of energy are liberated and the aspirant is swept along on a rising tide of reconciliation in which all their thoughts, emotions, feelings and sensations undergo a profound transformation. At this stage the manifestation of willful intent is profound. Decisions can be made and carried through in a way never before possible. When this process of transformation is nearing completion the energy level once again decreases and stability is achieved that internally feels like stagnation. Again the need for a shift to a higher level of organisation is felt. With the addition of a new organising centre the quaternity becomes the pentagram or five pointed star, which Dr, Stone referred to a the symbol of the invagination (the female vagina) in which energy is moving inwards and upwards.

At this stage the personal will begins to become subordinate to transpersonal will or the will of God through a deepening contact with the presence of God. It is at this stage that a true personal relationship with the divine can be established as the energy and consciousness within the seeker is drawn inward and upwards. It is only at this level of human evolution that prayer and meditation can reach the source of existence. Before this they are merely the necessary practise required to discipline and prepare the self for the journey ahead. Even at this level of being in which contact with God begins to transform mind, emotion and body, and where ones whole life is lived with a deep contact with the Divine and all that this might entail, the organism will once more tend towards stable equilibrium and yet again another new organising centre of energy must be activated. This new stage is symbolised by the transformation of the five pointed into the six pointed star or Seal of Solomon (interlaced triangles).
Now the inward and upward movement of the five pointed star is reconciled by the flow of energy from above flowing downwards and outwards. At this time contact with the presence of God is balanced by one becoming a true vehicle for the expression and practical manifestation of Gods' Will on Earth; "Thy Will be Done on Earth as It is in Heaven". At this level the seeker has become fully human and embodied the Seal of Solomon. They have a clear connection with the Divine and are a perfected channel for It's expression within the world. Energetically this system always tends to stay in a state of energy that is far from equilibrium as energy is being constantly fed to it from a greater source than the self.

The relevance of this to the practice of Polarity Therapy will be explored in a further article.

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