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September 1999

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By Phil Young RPP

Have you ever wondered why most systems of alternative and complementary medicine only treat clients once a week? I certainly have. In my original thinking my sense of this was that it was most certainly dictated by financial considerations. As private health care providers most therapies are relatively expensive. So the once a week rule made financial sense as a trade off between cost and frequency. As I began developing my practice as a Polarity Therapist I was interested to note that people did seem to respond well given treatments just once a week although with clients with severe back pain I often recommended two sessions during the first week and weekly thereafter. I should also say at this stage in the discussion that structural problems could be treated more than once a week after a certain stage in the treatment process, as the work is definitely more towards re-educating the structure than resolving any specific energetic disturbances.

 As time passed I also began to perceive that the time period of one week between sessions had a more therapeutic significance in that it gave time for any acute healing reactions to resolve and for the energy system to reach a new and stable integration. It seemed to me that in the more general cases that I happened to treat more than once a week that it was as if the energy systems was simply being kept in a constant state of flux. There was no time for the system to stabilise at a new level. The constant energetic stimulation clouded the therapeutic results. One way of thinking of this is  those childhood toys called snow scenes in a glass container, shaking the glass makes a little snow storm inside the container. In the case of energy work each treatment is like shaking that toy, shaking it again before the snow has time to settle is the equivalent of over treatment. There is no time in which things are allowed to settle.

 However, that said, in the case of acupuncture I was aware that in Chinese hospitals people can receive acupuncture daily and in the case of Polarity Therapy I had read that Dr Stone treated people more frequently than once a week in his clinics in India. Also in Homeopathy, a system which Dr Stone often referred to, a remedy is taken daily. As I have already indicated ,in some cases, I have treated clients more than once a week with good results. So is there a basis for more frequent polarity treatment? I think the real answer to that must be yes but my sense is that the treatments, like a homeopathic remedy, should be precise i.e. related to one particular element or one aspect of the nervous system. To complicate matters a little further I also perceive a difference between the treatment frequency of chronic and acute illnesses.  Dr Stone said that you can only resolve a chronic condition when you have made it acute again through increased energetic circulation. With this in mind it seems obvious that it is certainly practical, perhaps even necessary, to treat a chronic (low energy) condition more than once in relatively quick succession until you get the system back to an acute stage (high energy) at which point you can resolve it with the appropriate local release of energy blockages and global energetic stimulation and balancing. In the case of a client presenting an acute condition it is unlikely to need more than one treatment a week as the system is already very energetically active and it will need time to re-organise after each session. Please remember however that sometimes even the application of one global energetic polarity treatment such as Pierre’s general energy balancing session is all that the energy system might need to shift even a twenty year old chronic illness to an acute stage.

In my recent researches on the history of Osteopathy, through the writings of its founder Andrew Taylor Still , I discovered the following comment “there a few illnesses that will admit more than one treatment a week”, strong support indeed for the weekly session. In reading further, what is clear is that the majority of people that he treated were suffering from acute illnesses. A situation that is more true for all allopathic doctors who the majority of people use as their first health care option in acute conditions. In the United Kingdom the majority of alternative and complementary practitioners are used only after all the allopathic treatments have failed so typically, unlike the early Osteopaths, we treat chronic low energy conditions that will admit a more than weekly session. In closing and beyond all theorisation please be guided by the energy itself.

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